•European Youth Forum Publication "Youth Organisations and the Youth Guarantee in Europe"


  • European Youth Forum Publication “Youth Organisations and the Youth Guarantee in Europe”



  • Launched today by the European Youth Forum the publication finds that, whilst the youth guarantee provides an unprecedented opportunity to address youth unemployment across Europe in a coordinated and comprehensive manner, the youth sector feels that so far the youth guarantee has not lived up to its potential due to a lack of financial investment and, in certain cases, a lack of political ambition. Furthermore, it also finds that, as has happened in many Member States, a re-packaging of current, failed systems to tackle youth unemployment is not enough. A major commitment from businesses, the youth sector, civil society organisations, public employment services, local authorities as well as national and European-level decision makers is needed in order for the youth guarantee to be a success and to tackle the gravely high youth unemployment rate across the continent (which currently stands at 23.5%).


  • The publication includes detailed analysis of the development and implementation of the youth guarantee in ten member states, according to the Youth Forum’s member organisations in those countries.


  • It is aimed at both youth organisations and policy-makers to outline the role of the youth sector in the design and implementation of the youth guarantee.



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