•Young Europeans set policy goals to new European Parliament

Young Europeans set policy goals to new European Parliament



Quality jobs for European youth, the recognition of informally acquired skills and ending the exploitation of interns and forced mobility were some of the goals the participants at the European Youth Event (EYE) set at the end of three days of discussions in the European Parliament in Strasbourg from 9 to 11 May 2014. The around 5000 young people also called for uniform EU election rules, better education about EU affairs and the support of digital innovation.

  • The event aimed at gathering “Ideas for a better Europe” through over 200 debates and workshops with participants between 16 and 30 expressing their opinions on policy issues close to their hearts.



  • The EYE agenda listed five key issues for young people today: youth unemployment, the digital revolution, the future of the European Union, sustainable development, and European values. Guest speakers included MEPs, journalists, business leaders, decision makers, and European youth organisations.



  • Their ideas will be handed to the newly-elected MEPs during the first plenary of July.




  • Find out more:



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