•Young people and the #ConnectedContinent

  • Young people and the #ConnectedContinent



  • On 3rd April MEPs voted positively on the #ConnectedContinent, the European Commission’s proposal regulation aimed at eliminating roaming charges, introducing net neutrality, and taking other steps to build a telecoms single market in Europe. In a recent survey conducted by ThinkYoung (a think tank on youth), young Europeans from 18 to 34 year old asked to end “unbelievable” roaming prices and “unfair” restrictions on what they can and can’t access online from their mobile devices. Responses were gathered from over 1,000 EU citizens via social media and in person between 9th October and 10th November 2013. According to the survey, a majority of young Europeans would increase their mobile usage if roaming fees disappeared and 79% of them are in favour of strengthening the EU’s regulatory powers in order to guarantee fair prices and to harmonise the internal market.



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