10 stories, one common goal: helping others - The II European Youth Convention

Millions of Europeans work in their communities during their free time without being paid – in schools, hospitals, and sports clubs, protecting the environment, providing social services and helping people in other countries. However, 75% of the population do not engage in any volunteering activities.

EP Vice-President Gianni Pittella, one of the MEPs behind the event, declared: “People decide to volunteer for many reasons: helping building a community, understanding what it is to give time, take the initiative to build a project and last but not least also spending time together.” He also added that, “Volunteering is also an important way to value human commitment to achieving big results.”

MEP Katarína Neveďalová, also Vice-President of the European Youth Forum mentioned that: “Volunteering gives the opportunity to meet new people, get a lot of experiences and change things,” she said. “Young people should volunteer because it opens new horizons for them. So when, if not now ? In her opinion, “if one person can change the world this person is for sure a volunteer. Volunteers are sharing their free time with others and changing things for the better”.

The European Parliament presents some of the stories of the European young volunteers that gathered in front of the European Parliament 7-11 September to share experiences, discuss good practices and convince others to join them. All in all, around 1,500 young volunteers came to the EP to expound the benefits of volunteering. Below you can find descriptions of their most important experience as a volunteer.

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