2013 EU Citizenship Report

2013 EU Citizenship Report

The European Commission has published today the [ http://ec.europa.eu/justice/citizen/files/2013eucitizenshipreport_en.pdf ]2013 EU Citizenship Report setting out 12 concrete ways to help Europeans make better use of their EU rights, from looking for a job in another EU country to ensuring stronger participation in the democratic life of the Union.

Key proposals include making it easier for people to work and do training in another EU country; reducing excessive paperwork for EU citizens living and travelling in the EU; and eliminating barriers to cross-border shopping.

The report directly addresses concerns raised by citizens: it builds on a large online public consultation which was carried out in 2012 and on citizens’ feedback in the first Citizens Dialogues in which members of the Commission, national and local politicians and members of the European Parliament have participated in the context of the 2013 European Year of Citizens. It also reflects findings of the Eurobarometer surveys.

Finally, it identifies remaining obstacles which still prevent EU citizens from making full use of their rights – from looking for a job in other EU countries, via getting better legal protection whenever in another EU country, to ensuring stronger participation in the democratic life of the Union.


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