23-24 October 2013: Conference "ESCO goes live" Brussels (Belgium)

23-24 October 2013: Conference “ESCO goes live” Brussels (Belgium)

Organised by the European Commission, the conference will officially launch ESCO, the classification of European Skills/Competences, Qualifications and Occupations, and the ESCO Portal, that will be publically accessible for the first time.

ESCO will serve as a common language facilitating cooperation and dialogue between education/training and labour market stakeholders. Operating in 25 European languages, ESCO will offer an opportunity to further European cooperation in these policy areas.

ESCO has been jointly created by European and national stakeholders and the European Commission.


The conference will be webcast live [ http://richcast2.c.nmdn.net/webinars/84/219/2768 ]here from 10.00 am CET.


For further inquiries, please contact EMPL-ESCO-Secretariat@ec.europa.eu.


Source: http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?langId=en&catId=88&eventsId=930&furtherEvents=yes