7th Consumer Scoreboard - May 2012

7th Consumer Scoreboard – May 2012
The spring Consumer Scoreboard published today on the occasion of the European Consumer Summit 2012 shows that in 2011 for the second year running after the fall in 2009 there were improvements in many EU countries. The biggest improvements were seen in Bulgaria, Belgium, France and Denmark.
Consumer conditions are measured e.g. by consumer trust in authorities, retailers and consumer organisations, in the safety of products, the effectiveness of solving disputes and satisfaction with handling complaints.

The Scoreboard also shows that consumers still cannot shop as easily across borders as they can at home, thereby missing out on greater choice and savings, with potential gains of as much as EUR 204 billion per annum.

7th Consumer Scoreboard – May 2012

Read more: http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/consumer_research/editions/cms7_en.htm