About Eurodesk

Eurodesk is a unique information network with hundreds of partners in many European cities and regions, all working together to provide you with the information you need.

There are many exciting opportunities in Europe! This is the way it works: If for example you are interested in working in a particular country for a few months then we can provide you with information on local websites, tips for getting a job and what you will need to prepare.

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Eurodesk National Partners co-operate with over 500 local youth information providers to extend the availability of Eurodesk information services to young people at local level. Eurodesk offers these local agencies training, information tools, help and support to facilitate the provision of European information within their existing information provision, thereby increasing young people’s access to European information.

Eurodesk is a permanent support structure for European youth work, funded by the European Commission through the Commission’s Youth in Action Programme, to help inspire a sense of active European citizenship as well as solidarity and tolerance among young Europeans.

Youth in Action offers a variety of activities to young people, such as volunteering, youth seminars, youth exchanges and youth initiatives. It also provides many opportunities to those working with young people, such as study visits, training and job shadowing. For more information please visit the Youth in Action website.

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