Action 4.3 (Training Course) C.I.A.K. Communication, Interaction, Awarness, Knowledge ’ Italy

18-24 November 2011 Lecce Italy

Participants: 3 per country
Summary of the project

“C.I.A.K.” is a way From Informal knowledge of the school to Non-formal Methods for develop the active partecipation of the young people.

Training course aimed to increase the quality and variety of methods for youth in action projects. Every year, projects start to look like same and far away fromcreativity. With the help of project, the CTS which is the supporter of some short movies editing and youth projects want to share its experiences with youths, young leader and youth workers about combine of the video art and youth works as a tool and working method.

In last two year the CTS organized workshops for youths with fewer opportunities about the non formal method to use during the youth activities.

Today, we see that using of the video education tools like short movies, spot, inside the projects are getting more famous.
The combination of video art as a working method or tool has very sensitive point
to carry the projects to its aims.

Generally, most of the project organizer use these tools just for free time event or participants feel theirself in a free time inside the project. Our experiences show that good communication and understanding level between youth worker and trainer(young editor) get the most important point in this process. The content of workshops and matching between project aims and workshop methodology are another important points.

Title of the Project: CIAK Communication, Interaction, Awarness, Knowledge.

The project will be an experiment to regulate the Video education tools as non- formal methods inside the youth projects.
Project teachs how to use tools more effectively and in correct way and show the most common mistake in using of tools.
At the end of the project, a handbook video peer education tools and an interactive video dvd about workshops prepared and shared with all youth in action community over peer education tools are simple and basic tools of communication which are very effective over young people.

The Project will improve the creativity of participants and make their vision more wide when they are thinking about future projects.

Sociologist,social pedagogue,professional video peer educator and experienced youth trainers will assist the participants during the workshops.

Lecce,one of the main centre that thanks Apulia Film Commission host a lot of film crew, will host the project.
Financial condition:

You will pay only:
• 20,00 € fee for participation
• 30% of the ticket for the international trip
Contact Person:

Vincenzo Lotito
CTS “Lupiae” di Lecce
International Youth Mobility Project
Adress: via Idomeneo n.3 – 73100 Lecce
tel/fax: 0039 0832.30 18 63
mobile: 0039 328 44 15 303
SKYPE; Cts.lecce
FACEBOOK: ctsyouth