AMSED (Association Migration Solidarité et Echanges pour le Développement)

Dear Partner,

In partnership with the AMSED (Association Migration Solidarité et Echanges pour le Développement), we are implementing, as an informal group of young people, a Training Course in the framework of the Youth in Action Program.

In PJ you will find the presentation of this training course on the subject of forced migration, particularly concerning refugees and human trafficking (for sexual exploitation). This project will take place in Strasbourg, France, with organizations from eight countries ; European Union, the Caucasus and the Mediteranean, from the 20th to 30th June 2014.


If you are interested, please, give us a response before the 12th September at the latest, fill in the document “Complement part III” (in PJ), return it to us by email at: , and commit yourself to send the Partnership Agreement once it will be sent to you.

Naturally we are at your disposal to provide you any additional information that can be helpful.