The association Hodina H announces a competition about the logo of the VOLonMAX project!

Theme of the project:

The project “VOLonMAX” is about volunteering. The main topic is the volunteering and everything about it. The subtopics coming out are support of volunteering among the young people, discussing the different forms of the volunteering, forming the benefits which the volunteering brings to the young people, looking for the obstacles of the volunteering, sharing volunteering experience, making an attractive way of promotion of it in the partner countries and possibly also in EU later which will be made by campaigns. All these subtopics will be analyzed on the national and international level. The final aim is to make the volunteering more attractive for the young people. We will also introduce the European voluntary service of the Youth in action programme and share the information about it how to get into it as a sending, hosting or coordinating organization that the partner association can develop their possibilities of volunteering.

What to do?

To create the logo of the project VOLonMAX which has the main topic of volunteering. It can be in any image format.

For who?

For all the people from the world in the age of 18+.

How to join the competition?

You have to create a logo of the project VOLonMAX and send it to the mail eva(@) until the 28th February 2011 with the following details about yourself:

Name, surname, age, country, e-mail contact.


The jury made by the representatives of each partner organization will choose the best 10 logos. The winners from the countries participating in the project will get a chance to take part personally in the project itself. And the other winners will be officialy announced in the website and get a price from the hosting country, from the Czech Republic.

So join the competition and creat a logo of VOLonMAX!!!

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