Bulgarian Natalia on Galileo's satellite: Drawing Competition.

Nine year old Natalia from Bulgaria will have her name on one of the first two operational Galileo satellites to be launched on 20th October as she has won the Bulgarian part of the Galileo children’s drawing competition. The European Commission is running the Galileo drawing competition for children in each of the Member States.

Natalia will be presented with a trophy, to represent the satellite that will be named after her, at a special awards ceremony at the European Commission Representation in Sophia on June 16. Natalia will also receive a certificate attesting the attribution of her name to the first Galileo satellites. The European Commission will be represented at the award ceremony by Ms Catherine Kavvada and Bernhard Schnittger.

The main criteria used were the relevance of the drawing to the topic ‘Space and Aeronautics’, originality of expression and aesthetic appeal.

The Galileo Drawing Competition is taking place in each of the 27 European Union Member States. Children living in each of these countries will be encouraged to create a piece of artwork that represents the theme ‘Space and Aeronautics’. A winner will be selected and the name of that child will be given to a Galileo Programme Satellite.

The competition first ran in Belgium and Bulgaria, 10 April – 31 May 2011. The remaining countries will run between 1 September and 15 November 2011.

The countries are ordered alphabetically, in the national language; therefore Belgium and Bulgaria were the first to run. The competition is open to all children living in these countries who were born in 2000, 2001 or 2002. To take part the child must submit artwork via


For further details regarding The Galileo Satellite Programme please visit:

http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/policies/satnav .