Project Title : We Are Being Growth” “ Büyüyoruz”

The sort of the Project : Action 1.1 “ Youth Exchange ”

Target Groups : Eligible actors might be people who are between 17-25
years old from EU programme countries.

Dates of Activity :

15 – 22 May 2014
20 th – 22 nd April 2014 ( Advanced Planning Visit )

The number of Participants : 5 Participants and 1 group leader from
each organizations.

The aim of the Project :

With this project we aim to prevent young people from forgetting the
games now hardly playing outside with groups by giving a chance for our
young people and Europe youth to play them. These games playing in the
past by our elders now as a part of countries’ cultures disappearing
gradually and they are buried with our ancestors into cemeteries.

By coming together with our partners, we will share our local and cultural
games which are forgotten or on the point of being forgotten. We also get
to know each other closer with the activities and saloon works. By playing
the games in our culture each partner will convey the experiences which
they will gain from the games to the youth in their local. Therefore, not
only will they learn our games and share them with their youth in their
country but also we will play and learn their games. The moments in which
we play games and enjoy our time will form our common play culture. In
this way, young people will see that actually they have common things even
in differences.

By having young people come together, our project will provide young
people who have not come into interaction with any different culture
before and will help them to see similarities and differences among them.

Expected Outcomes :

• To develop necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes of youth in
order to realise local and international youth projects;
• To raise awareness of differences and to find similarities within
youth work in European Union.
• To define and clarify the roles and tasks of youth in different
local and international youth projects.
• To raise awareness and learn the ways to ensure active participation
of young people during preparation, implementation and evaluation
youth projects;
• To reflect on participants’ experiences and create recommendations
for management of next projects within the programme “YOUTH in
• To offer the opportunity to meet possible partner groups and promote
awareness of European Citizenship
• Moreover ;
Our Project will promote the diversity of training offers at
schools through the reinforcement of vocational pathways at secondary
level. Youth after general education in lower secondary school need some
practical activities in vocational field to be prepared in future job
area. Doing the Project tasks, running their own business, we will give
them the opportunity to practice in safe and supportive environment.
Working in international group opens our youth to intercultural dialogue.

Financial of the project:

Youth in Action, Action 1.1. rules will be obeyed for the Project. We will
provide meals and accommodations. And we will reimburse 70% of travel cost
and 100% of visa.

The Place the project held :

Contact Person :

Halil UGUZ
Projects Coordinator

E-mail : haliluguz@ymail.com
website : [ http://www.sorgungenclikgrubu.com/


Niğde Valiliği Avrupa Birliği ve Dış İlişkiler Koordinasyon Merkezi
Koordinatör -Uzman
Niğde Governorship EU and Foreign Affairs Coordination Center / Projects
Coordinator – Expert
Eurodesk Türkiye Temas Noktası İrtibat Kişisi
Eurodesk Turkey Eurodesk Multiplier /Contact Person
İş Adres / Bus. Address : Yenice Mah. Lütfü Soylu Sokak No: 4 ,Niğde
, Türkiye/Turkey , 51200
İş Tel. / Bus.Phone : 00 90 388 232 35 76
İş Faks / Bus. Fax : 00 90 388 232 35 35

İş eposta / Business email: eurodesktr@eurodesk.eu
İş eposta / Business email: TR115@eurodesk.eu
Kişisel eposta / Personal email : bilgehanharmansah@hotmail.com

İnternet Sitesi /website : http://eurodesk.ua.gov.tr
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Eurodesk national partners are formally established as a permanent support
structure of the Youth in Action Programme of the European Union to
provide high quality information and advice concerning Europe to young
people and those who work with them.