Call for Authors "Empower Youth in EuroMed"

SALTO-YOUTH EUROMED is looking for 2 authors for the Study: “Empower Youth in EuroMed”.
The study would like to contribute to the overall reflection about Youth in Euro-Med and to provide some new keys for reading the ongoing situation. It should focus on the ongoing tools for supporting the empowering of Youth in EuroMed with some samples of study cases and good practises as in Education, in Employability, Non Formal Education and so on. It should also analyse the situation of youth in Europe and in Meda countries providing some main figures and good practises for both areas.
The final public of this publication will be: institutions, youth leaders, social workers and trainers involved in such activities.
The study will be published in English, French and Arabic.

Deadline to apply is 31st March 2011.

Find all details here.