Call for participants: “ Preventing Drug Addiction in Youth at Risk” - Nevşehir, Turkey

“ Preventing Drug Addiction in Youth at Risk”

Project name : “Preventing Drug Addiction in Youth at Risk”
Activity date : 9-15 JUNE 2012
Place : Nevşehir / TURKEY
Participants : 18–30 age from Programme Countries
4 participants from each organization.


  • To understand and expand youth works as well as active participation of youth in daily life in a better and broad way
  • To analyze current youth participation and active citizenship realities
  • To emphasize the importance of youth participation for preventing drug addiction in risk groups
  • To understand the needs’ of youth at risk
  • To develop actions about preventing drug addiction to support democratic and pluralist youth participation

Activity will be 6 nights in “Nevşehir”

  • Each of the organization in their local preventing drug addiction policies-related presentation and workshops related to their work
  • Visits of Struggling Drug Addiction Units
  • Workshop and simulation
  • Solidarity with local people and discussion session on the night
  • city tour and Turkish Night (Cappadocia region)

How can you apply?
If you would like to be partner this project, please fill the part 3 (signed and stamped) and send the following fax number or mail address in attachment
Fax number: 0090 384 213 39 19
Mail Address:
Last application 10 January 2012
Brainstorming, group debates, peer to peer education, creativity games, visual learning activities and entertainment J .
Financial conditions
The accommodation, food and visa for all participants will be covered in total by project budget. 70% Travel expenses will be reimbursed to the participants. Please note the supposed cost of journey between your country and Bursa( the most economic travel is by train and bus and cheapest travel by plain )

The address you will send Part III form by post:
Nevşehir Emniyet Müdürlüğü Özel Kalem Büro Amirliği 350 Evler Mahallesi Yeni Kayseri Caddesi 50100 No:42 Nevsehir / TURKEY
Tel:0090 384 213 13 77

Contact Person:
Tel : 0090507 236 98 61
E mail :