Call for proposals: Youth in Action Programme 2007-2013

The European Commission has launched a call for proposals Youth in Action Programme 2007-2013 giving annual priorities for the year 2012
Annual priorities of the Youth in Action Programme aim at better defining the context of implementation of the Programme by clarifying the scope of the permanent priorities such as: promoting young people’s European citizenship, active participation in democratic life, cultural diversity and the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities, and by better anchoring the Programme to topical issues at European level.

— projects aimed at promoting young people’s commitment towards a more inclusive growth, and notably:

— projects tackling the issue of youth unemployment as well as projects aimed at stimulating unemployed young people’s mobility and active participation in society. A strong priority will be placed throughout the actions of the programme to ensuring access to unemployed young people to all the opportunities that it offers,

— projects addressing the issue of poverty and marginalisation and encouraging young people’s awareness and commitment to tackling these issues for a more inclusive society. In this context, special emphasis shall be placed in particular on the inclusion of young migrants, disabled young people, and where relevant Roma youth,

— projects stimulating young people’s spirit of initiative, creativity and entrepreneurship, employability, in particular through youth initiatives,

— projects promoting healthy behaviours, in particular through the promotion of the practice of outdoor activities and grassroots sport, as a means to promote healthy lifestyles as well as to foster social inclusion and the active participation of young people in society,

— projects aimed at raising young people’s awareness and mobilisation in tackling global environmental challenges and climate change thus encouraging the development of ‘green’ skills and behaviours among young people and youth workers and their commitment to a more sustainable growth.

Details of the call for proposal: EAC/01/12