Call for partners: Youth Exchange

We are promoting a project proposal which we are planning to submit to the National Agency for the 30th April deadline:

Venue: October, Skopje – Macedonia

Activity Type: Erasmus+, KA1 (Youth Exchange)

e-mail for contact:


Brief Description:

Music represents an undeniable tool of education and mobilization, as well as allows for a powerful teaching and learning experience since it unites listeners on the basis of both emotion and knowledge, to move people to action in the interest of social change. As any music created from a socially conscious mind for the purpose of change is musical activism, we are aiming to gather talented and aspiring young people in the field of electronic dance music (techno, house, drum ‘n’ bass etc.), popular among the younger generation, to create their own music using electronic music technology for spreading peace, nonviolence and tolerance among youth. Besides that, the project will lead to an original and unique musical creation in order to show how music can break down barriers between cultures, languages, stereotypes and backgrounds. Hence, we are seeking to provide a space for these young people, in which music can inspire them to take advantage of their talents not only for spreading positive message, but also to become vessels of social change affecting their immediate communities and encouraging their avid followers to join the cause. Thus, the main goal of this project is to empower young people to understand the importance of harnessing the power of music for social change – through technology, artist engagement, and education – for current and new generations of artists, fans and causes. Namely, participants will be involved in various presentations, creative workshops, outdoor activities, open discussions and debates in order to promote youth friendly system and to help them develop skills and explore new challenges. Thus, the projects’ activities are designed to raise youth awareness about projects’ topic and to trigger young people to use their creativity as to make their voices be heard using music as a tool for making positive change. Finally, the project will inspire participants to embrace their commitment and involvement in their communities, but also will empower them to be more involved in the civic life and to facilitate dialogue and collaboration between others working on youth engagement strategies.

Target group:

Aspiring DJs in electronic dance music (techno, house, drum ‘n’ bass etc.) & young people with basic social media & event management skills between 18-30 years old!