Key Action 1 – Learning Mobility of Individuals


EVS – Long Term – 12 months

““Be Active, Be Creative 2014””

01 Sept2014/31Aug2015





«H2O» – Associação de Jovens de Arrouquelas / Youth Association of Arrouquelas presents an EVS Project, called «Be active, be Creative 2014», that will happen in Arrouquelas and Rio Maior – Portugal, between 1st September 2014 and31st August 2015. This project will has 12 months of duration and we pretend to receive 4/5 volunteers from different countries.

The participants must be over 18 and the official language of the project will be Portuguese.

The Countries involve are: EU; All Partners Countries

The aim of this EVS’s project is to receive 4 young people from different European’s countries and to give them the opportunity to know our country, our culture and our work.

These volunteers will participate in our local community, helping children develop themselves and integrate them with the older population. In Arrouquelas, the biggest part of the population is old people, so we pretend that these volunteers create a bigger interaction between young and old people.

The volunteers will be divided in 3/4 different spaces, but they will develop a work together: One of them will work at «H2O»’s headquarters taking care of our children, after school time, developing with them funny and interesting activities. He will also create activities, trainings and workshops for young people in general, this voluntary gone learn and help manage and administration of “H2O”, integrate our volunteer team of “H2O” members.

The other two volunteers (a girl and a boy) will develop an educational project related with social inclusion with the young people of a Social Institution in Rio Maior(our city hall) – Our partner «O Ninho». This Institution works with young and old disable people that have big social problems and our Association has a partnership with them, in order that we can collaborate in several activities, integrate the team work.

  • We pretend develop activities in this space, with this young and old people. They can also promote a bigger interaction between «H2O» and «O Ninho».
  • Our volunteers can also promote their own activities with their own ideas, during the time that they will stay in «H2O».
  • The other voluntary gone work in centre of health cares for oldest people in our village, integrate a team to promote activities for them.
  • The other place is a children’s center, in social Institution of Rio MaiorIn “H2O” all board members are volunteers and we don’t have limits for our motivation and creativity, our organization is a big open door for many things that help young people to development a positive and active participation in community, and learn by doing.
  • In a general way, this EVS’ project has as main theme the communication and the education, because they will create several ways of communication between the association and our young people, and they will also develop ways of training them.

We pretend to use non-formal education’s methods: energisers; group dynamic; discuss; posters; workshops and make questionaries to apply in local community.







The “H2O”, Youth Organization from Arrouquelas, Portugal invites you to be part of it:) EVS World


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