CALL TO YOUNG FILM MAKERS (18-30) - Brussels, 18-27/10/2012

The BIJ in cooperation with the Liberty festival is organising a gathering of 8 to 10 young film makers, from 4 continents, who, on a maximum period of 8 days, will face the challenge to create together a single and unique documentary on the theme: “Young people, crisis and panic” which will be shown at the end of the Festival des Libertés (Festival of Freedoms) of which the 2012 theme is: “Crisis and panic, détente and creativity”. It will take place in Brussels, 18-27/10/2012.

In this frame, the NA BEFr would support the participation of a young film maker from a Programme Country.

For your information – Context:

For some years, we can be worried by a generalisation of the logic of « crisis », of fear and panic reaching beyond security questions.

Social panic, decreasing family income, nuclear threat, financial unsteadiness, reign of the quotation agencies, ecological alarm, tsunami, Islamic terror, swine flu, tobacco noxiousness, ethics in danger, bad eating habits, car accidents, existential anxiety… We fear everything ! More than ever, fear has become a governmental ruling mode and a way of functioning of the individuals.


Against this catastrophe logic, the Festival des Libertés 2012 aims at inviting citizens to see in all these “crises” a series of opportunities to detach themselves of these systems, to modify the analysis frame in order to decide to follow other directions, to invite other answers to danger, to think and experiment other ways of resource management and of freedoms.

In fact, all these different tensions can be replaced by relax attitudes and by opening minds. We must get out from this withdrawn attitude to open ourselves to difference and new things.
You can download the Application form and call from here!

Deadline for application : 1st of June 2012.

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