Calling all NGOs working with Youth! Training Course-Social Marketing for NGOs

Social Marketing for NGO’s training course is to achieve in efficient way Social Aims of your NGO. During the training course will be a professionally lead marketing simulation game in the shape of top marketing simulation game like:

During the project we will show hot run a researches on a target group which results will shows the full scope of your society towards given subject.

During the seminar you will learn also learn how to make your activities more effective by using the high-developed knowledge about human behavior and target social groups segmentation.

Wrocław Youth Club Partner Organization Eligibility criteria:


In order to become a partner in this project you must comply with the following criteria:

  • high motivation
  • aged 18-40
  • actively involved in youth work
  • ready to implement marketing management in your everyday practice
  • represent fully registered NGO/Institution which has PIC number and uploaded registration documents to URF portal
  • You are legally established in a country belonging to one of the following groups:

o    the 27 EU member states

o    Macedonia,  Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland

Max 3 participants per organization.

We expect to host 27/28 participants from Program countris. Deadline for application is 30th of JanuaryONLY full applications will be considered!

More information here: Training Course: Social Marketing for NGO