Dear friends
for our accepted project which will be in Cappadacia we need 6 participants from E.U countries.
the project will be on 20-26 october 2012.
This YE is opened to youngsters and youth workers (18-40 ) working not only in NGO’s but in all ways of life.
The language of the YE will be English
We would like to coordinate a 7- day of exchange in CAPPADOCİA-KIRSEHİR with 5 European countries . Purpose of our exchange is to widen and confront the knowledge about the culture and music of people living in Europe and Turkey. This project aims to point similarities and differences in the culture and music of different nations. Supporting the collection and sharing of robust evidence of the impact of musical opportunities on young people, encouraging greater involvement by young people in shaping their music opportunities, informing and influencing music education policy and practice, developing and exploring models of practice in music education and learning. The youngsters who will take part in the project represent a mixed group,formed of musicians of different genre (rock, pop-rock, folk,tango,zumba,salsa,bozlak,türkü etc.) who has a strong desire to get in contact with youngsters from other countries interested in music.
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