Cities of Tomorrow: Action Today! - THE URBACT ANNUAL CONFERENCE

Cities of Tomorrow: Action Today!


3-4 December 2012, Copenhagen

You are a practitioner, a policy-maker involved in urban development at local, national or EU level? Join URBACT at the 2012 URBACT Annual Conference in Copenhagen on 3-4 December. Together with counterparts from across the EU, you will have the opportunity to explore solutions to the major challenges faced by EU cities in the years ahead.

In the framework of URBACT, over 300 cities have been working together on issues related to economic development, human capital, active inclusion, urban renewal, energy-efficiency, etc. through integrated and participative approaches. Drawing on results from URBACT networks and on findings from other ETC programmes, participants will enter in a dialogue with the European Commission’s report “Cities of tomorrow “ and discuss concrete solutions to tackle six key challenges:

How can cities create more jobs
How can cities foster active inclusion through social innovation
How can cities fight against the socio-spatial divide
How can cities manage demographic change
How can cities improve buildings’ energy efficiency
How can cities strive for sustainable mobility

Johannes Hahn, EU commissioner for Regional Policy, Jan Olbrycht, Member of the European Parliament and President of the URBAN Intergroup, and Carsten Hansen, Danish Minister for Housing, Urban and Rural Affairs are expected to contribute to the event, especially in the perspective of the next programming period.

Site visits, interactive workshops, an exhibition area, and the “URBACT café” will give you the opportunity to share, learn and network! In the meantime… have a say on .

For more details, visit regularly. Registration information will be available soon.