Commission adopts 2012 Work Programme for European Renewal

Yesterday, the European Commission dopted a Work Programme for the coming year, “Delivering European renewal”. The Programme sets out how the Commission will respond to the economic with further measures next year. It translates the political priorities identified by President Barroso in the State of the Union address into concrete actions for the next year.
The Programme underlines that significant attention will have to be given next year to taking forward proposals already adopted or in the pipeline for the coming weeks. These include measures on the economy, the Single Market, and the wide range of proposals now coming forward on spending programmes to drive reform and renewal. New proposals will build on this programme to reinforce the drive to job-creating growth.
The main priorities over the next 12 months include:
– Building a Europe of stability and responsibility
– Building a Union of growth and solidarity
– Giving the EU an effective voice in the wider world

The Work Programmes underlines the need for the EU to be united, and to work together to ensure that proposals and ideas are translated into laws and practical implementation on the ground.
The Commission will now work closely with the European Parliament and the Council, as well as stakeholders, including national Parliaments to ensure a broad ownership of the political priorities
as well as on individual initiatives.

The Commission Work Programme 2012 can be found at: