Commission calls Member States to reform and invest in education and training

Europe 2020: Commission calls Member States to reform and invest in education and training
To spur job-rich recovery, improve opportunities of young people and fuel growth in a knowledge-based economy, Europe needs smart investment to equip people with the right skills.

In the European Semester 2012, the Commission proposed recommendations to Member States in the area of education and training focussing on the following priorities:

1. countries’ performance with regard to the education headline targets, i.e. early school leaving and tertiary or equivalent attainment, including early school leaving strategies and quality of higher education;
2. VET reforms, including apprenticeships, in the follow-up of the Youth Opportunities Initiative/Youth Action teams;
3. addressing challenges related to specific disadvantaged groups.

The Commission Communication accompanying the proposed recommendations stresses the need for preserving investment in education and training in the context of growth-friendly fiscal consolidation.

Further action is required to achieve the education headline target and increase the labour market relevance of education and training.

The proposed recommendations will now be discussed by the Council. Policy co-operation in education and training will support this follow-up.

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