Commission proposes European Public Prosecutor's Office and reinforces OLAF procedural guarantees

Commission proposes European Public Prosecutor’s Office and reinforces OLAF procedural guarantees

Today, the European Commission is proposing action to improve Union-wide prosecution of criminals who defraud EU taxpayers by establishing a European Public Prosecutor’s Office. Its task will be to investigate and prosecute and, where relevant, bring to judgement, in the Member States’ courts, crimes affecting the EU budget.

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office will be an independent institution, subject to democratic oversight.


Under the EU Treaties, Denmark will not participate in the European Public Prosecutor’s Office.

The United Kingdom and Ireland will not participate either unless they voluntarily and explicitly decide to do so (opt in).


In parallel to the creation of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office, the Commission is proposing a reform of the European Union’s Agency for criminal justice cooperation (Eurojust) and presenting a Communication on the governance of the EU Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).


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