Commissioner Andor calls on Member States to step up "jobs effort"

Unemployment: Commissioner Andor calls on Member States to step up “jobs effort”

Following publication of the latest Eurostat figures on unemployment in the EU, László Andor, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, welcomed today that joblessness has stopped rising in many countries, after ten quarters of rising unemployment. He added however that “it is unacceptable that more than 26.6 million jobseekers are still without a job in the EU, of which more than 5.5 million are aged under 25. (…) This is no time for celebration or complacency. On the contrary, now that we can see we are on the right employment policy track we must step up our ‘jobs effort’.” He called therefore on Member States to “proceed full-steam ahead to put in place Youth Guarantee schemes, notably with the help of the European Social Fund, topped up by the Youth Employment Initiative, to ensure that everyone under 25 gets a good offer of work, training or education within four months of leaving school or losing their job.”


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