Commissioner Andor welcomes the Parliament's resolution on the Employment Package

Commissioner Andor welcomes the Parliament’s resolution on the Employment Package
László Andor, the European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion, has welcomed the European Parliament’s resolution voted today on the Employment Package recently released by the Commission.

The Employment Package that the Commission presented in April provides a medium-term agenda for EU and Member State action to support a job-rich recovery. In particular, the Package urges Member States to focus on job creation in sectors such as the green economy, health care, and information and communications technologies.
The Package also outlines ways to ‘re-balance’ EU economic governance by strengthening the coordination of employment policies and by reinforcing the involvement of social partners.

The Commission also aims to encourage mobility within a genuine EU labour market by helping to match unemployed people with particular skills and experience in one country with vacancies in other countries.

In addition, the Commission is committed to improve mobility by removing obstacles such as those affecting the portability of pensions.

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