Consumers are not getting the internet speeds they are paying for

Consumers are not getting the internet speeds they are paying for

According to a new European Commission study on fixed broadband performance, European consumers are not getting the broadband download speeds they pay for.

On average, they receive only 74% of the advertised headline speed they have paid for.


Key findings in the study include:

– Cable has the most reliable download speeds.

– In absolute terms, the average download speed across all countries and all technologies was 19.47 Mbps during peak hours.

– The upload speeds are closer to their advertised speeds.


Results are based on peak time performance, which is defined as weekdays 7:00pm to 11:00pm (inclusive). These are the overall results of the study sample and do not refer to the actual composition of the broadband market across each country.

This study will run until end 2014 and two more annual measurements are planned. European consumers can measure their own ISPs performance by joining a community of volunteers across all EU27 countries plus Croatia, Iceland and Norway.

Selected consumers will be sent a small device to plug into their home internet connection. This device will run a series of automated tests when the line is not in use. It will establish the speed and performance of their broadband connection.


Interested volunteers/consumers can sign up [ ]here.


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