Council Conclusion-Contribution of culture to EU 2020

The Culture Ministers of the EU Member States adopted in May a set of Council Conclusions underlining the important contribution of culture to the smart, sustainable and inclusive growth objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy.

These conclusions highlight that according to latest studies the cultural and creative industries contribute 4.5% to Europe’s GDP.
Council Conclusions-Contribution of culture to EU 2020 and Mobility information

On the same day, the Culture Ministers also adopted Council Conclusions calling on the Member States and the Commission to facilitate the provision by mobility information services of comprehensive and accurate information to artists and culture professionals seeking to be mobile within the EU.

Culture is seen as a crucial sector that can contribute to smart growth – a major source of employment and economic performance, to sustainable growth-through fostering green mobility and sustainable technologies, such as the digitisation of culture (available online content) and finally, to inclusive growth, by promoting intercultural dialogue and cultural diversity.

The conclusions are now online and in all 23 official languages:

Council conclusions on the contribution of culture to the implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy


Council conclusions on mobility information services for artists and for culture professionals