Croatia joins the EU

Croatia joins the EU

On Monday 1st July 2013 Croatia will join the European Union and become the EU’s 28th Member State.


Croatia’s accession marks another milestone in the construction of a united Europe: its accession is the result of a decade-long negotiation process. Since the formal application for EU membership in 2003, Croatia has invested considerable effort and fulfilled all the accession criteria needed to bring it into line with EU laws and standards.

On accession day, Croatian will be the 24th official language of the European Union, equal in legal and political status to all other official languages of the EU.


Croatia’s accession will be celebrated in Zagreb on Sunday 30th June and Monday 1st July. The European Commission will be represented by President Barroso, Vice-President Reding, Commissioner Füle and Commissioner Mimica.

On 30th June the EU Delegation in Zagreb will close its doors and the following day the European Commission Representation will open.


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