The EC announces more funds for the Eastern partnership window projects under Action 3.1

More funds are now available for projects under Action 3.1 for the Easter Window Partnership. This means that NGOs from Malta are able to obtain more funding for projects with countries from the Eastern Europe and Caucasus: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russian Federation and Ukraine.
The purpose of this sub-Action is to develop mutual understanding between peoples in a spirit of openness, while also contributing to the development of quality systems that support the activities of young people in the countries concerned. It supports activities designed to network and enhance the capacity of NGOs in the youth field, recognising the important role that they can play in the development of civil society in the neighbouring countries.

The sub-Action supports two types of projects, described in two different sections:

· Youth Exchanges with Neighbouring Partner Countries

· Training and Networking with Neighbouring Partner Countries.
Reference: The Programme Guide