We are appling with the following project:


Name: Ecovillage


Action: 4.3. Seminar


Date: 16 – 23 March 2014


Venue: Arad, Romania


Number of participants: 4


Description of the project:


The project “Ecovillage” aims to bring into the spot light the need of living a more responsible life by being more socially, economically and ecologically responsible. With the increasing evidence of clima change caused by humans, we ghatered this team to discussed the main issues of this clima change and the opportunities given by living in a sustainable community. Along with our partners we will discuss during the 8 days of seminar topics like reducing the carbon-footprint, focusing on producing and consuming locally, living as sustainably as possible. By going to Stanciova ecovillage we will have the chance to study the benefits and the things that can be improved or changed when you apply this way of life at a larger scale and excahnge good practice in the development of ecovillages with our partners.

During our seminar we will involve local authorities, environmentalists and other specialists in the field, environment NGOs and media with the aim of having a wider view of the topic, but also with the intent of having a greater impact into our communities.

Each partner will send 4 participants to this seminar, that will be held in Arad city. They will have to present the study that they made in their country regarding the awareness of the population in topics like sustainable communities and the need for living a responsible life according with the clima changes. Starting from this presentations we will develop our seminar activities through formal, but mainly non-formal methods, so we can reach our project goals and establish a solid strategy of disseminating our results through as many channels as possible and assure a continuity to our work.



The seminar will be based on the specific needs of the participants and their organizations and will be highly

participatory. Diversity, e.g. in the group of participants, will be considered as a resource for the building-up and

transfer of competences. There will only be few frontal lectures, the main part of the seminar will be delivered in the

form of practical sessions implemented by the participants in a learning-by-doing fashion. The trainers will take care of

creating a supportive and safe learning environment, where participants are encouraged and coached while

mastering challenges that contribute to their personal, professional and organisational development. Special

attention is paid to making the learning points of the seminar relevant, sustainable and transferable, eg by giving

ample room for reflection and assessment, by producing exhaustive documentation and by providing templates and

guidance for tailor-made development and action plans.


Financial rules: 100% accomodation and meals; 70 % of travel costs based in original documents provided. NO PARTICIPATION FEE!!!


In case of interest please send the attached filled word document and please be sure that after that you will be available to sign and stamp a document that we will send you.




Madalina Milan