Education and Training Monitor 2013

Education and Training Monitor 2013

According to the latest Education and Training Monitor released today by the European Commission, sixteen Member States decreased their spending on education between 2008 and 2011, with six showing further significant budget decreases in 2012.

The report provides a picture of each country’s progress in relation to specific benchmarks and indicators, and highlights the latest policy developments and analysis.

Accompanied by 28 individual country reports and an online visualisation tool, it provides a wealth of data to facilitate evidence-based policy making across Europe.

This year’s edition confirms a fall in the employment rate of recent graduates with at least an upper secondary education qualification: only 76% are now finding jobs compared with 82% in 2008.

While the employment advantage of a university degree is still evident in all Member States, one in five of the EU working population with tertiary qualifications are in jobs that usually require lower qualifications.

In spite of high levels of unemployment, this suggests a worrying mismatch between the skills delivered by education and training systems and those required by the labour market.


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