Equal Pay Day: Women in Europe work 59 days ‘for free’

Equal Pay Day: Women in Europe work 59 days ‘for free’

16.2%: that’s the size of the gender pay gap. The European Equal Pay Day is held annually and raises awareness of the fact that women have to work longer than men to earn the same.

The Commission wants to support employers in their efforts to tackle the gender pay gap. The “Equality Pays Off” project aims to make companies more aware of the “business case” for gender equality and equal pay. With the challenges of demographic change and increasing skill shortages,

the initiative aims to provide companies with better access to the labour force potential of women. It includes training activities, events and tools for companies to address the pay gap.

The project also aims to help reach the Europe 2020 Strategy target of raising the employment rate to 75% – for which greater participation of women in the labour market is essential.

One of the events under the “Equality Pays Off” project is a “Business Forum” on 21 March 2013 in Brussels for 150 companies from all over Europe to exchange experiences in fostering gender equality, in particular tackling the causes of the gender pay gap.


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