Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs: new business creator

Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs: new business creator

More than 1600 exchanges have so far been organised under the Erasmus for Young entrepreneurs programme and some 3200 businesses have been created or expanded (including numerous joint ventures and new cross border relations.

Since 2009, funded by the European Commission, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs enables new entrepreneurs, be they “would-be” entrepreneurs armed with a coherent business plan or entrepreneurs who started their own business in the last three years – to gain valuable skills and experience in a business in another country participating in the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme (CIP)1. European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani will congratulate tomorrow in Milan new entrepreneurs who recently set up their own company. They have opened various types of company, including an enterprise company producing educational game software and promoting tourism using mobile technologies, a strategic consulting firm for technology focused companies, and a jewellery technology network.


Tomorrow in Milan( Italy), while congratulating the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme’s participants, European Commission Vice President Antonio Tajani, Commissioner for Industry and Entrepreneurship, will underline that the programme would create new businesses and make the existing ones more robust, competitive and sustainable. New or stronger businesses would also mean less unemployment.

Statistics and surveys show that:

– 51% of young Europeans would be interested to follow an entrepreneurial route, but too few of them know how to put their ambitions into practice.

– The internationalisation of European SMEs is insufficient, with only 8% of them exporting their goods and services within the EU.


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