eTwinning Plus’ network launched

‘eTwinning Plus’ network launched

The European Commission’s ‘eTwinning’ network, which has encouraged 100 000 schools in 33 European countries to talk to each other via the internet, will be extended from today to schools in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

The launch of ‘eTwinning Plus’ will enable these countries to join a massive virtual classroom in which pupils and teachers learn to discover different cultures through interactive projects. ‘eTwinning Plus’ is a pilot project initiated as part as the EU’s [ ]Neighbourhood policy, under the ‘Contacts between people’ Eastern Partnership platform which aims to enhance dialogue with Eastern partners.

The budget for eTwinning Plus is € 834 000: around half of this sum will be invested in developing the new online platform and coordination work, with the remainder allocated to co-funding the partner support agencies.


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