Eu-China Year of Youth: visit of Chinese youth representatives to Spain

At the occasion of the European Youth Week and in the framework of the 2011 EU-China Year of Youth, a group of Chinese youth representatives visited Pamplona (Spain).

During their stay, they chinese youth representatives were involved in a variety of activities, including a seminar, aimed at facilitating and developing dialogue, cooperation and exchange in the field of youth.

At the same time, other groups of Chinese representatives were hosted in six other Member States (Austria, Hungary, Malta, Slovenia, Romania and the UK). These visits were a key component of the activities organised in the context of the flagship event of the EU-China Year of Youth organised in Europe at the occasion of the 2011 European Youth Week. Programmes drawn up by the hosting Member States included meetings with National Authorities, young people, youth councils or organisations as well as cultural visits. Activities were closely linked to the European Youth Week events organised in the hosting countries.

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