EU new funds for eduacation projects in European Neighbourhood and Russia

Today, the European Commission announced it would allocate €47 million to support higher education projects in the European Neighbourhood countries and Russia under the Tempus Programme.

The new funding will improve teaching, learning methods and teaching material, as well as boost quality assurance and management of higher education institutions in the partner countries.

The decision will also enable enhanced networking and joint projects and partnerships to be set up between higher education institutions in the EU and European Neighbourhood countries.

More specifically, the funds allocated will support approximately 60 multilateral partnerships, aiming at modernising curricula, teaching methods and management of the colleges, schools and universities in the neighbouring countries.

Overall, more than 450 institutions from these countries will have new opportunities to collaborate in a structured way with a similar number of institutions from the EU in two to three-year projects which will commence in 2012.

Tempus promotes the development of higher education in the EU’s neighbouring partner countries and provides mechanisms to offer new learning opportunities for students and new career perspectives for academic staff

Launched in 1990 and now in its fourth phase, Tempus IV (2007-2013) supports the modernisation of higher education in particular in Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

More information about TEMPUS can be found on the following links: