EU visa liberalisation dialogue with Georgia

EU visa liberalisation dialogue with Georgia
Yesterday 4th June 2012, the European Commission started a dialogue on visa liberalisation with Georgia.

The aim of the dialogue is to examine all the relevant conditions for visa-free travel to the EU for Georgian citizens. In doing so, the EU is living up to its commitment to closer cooperation and increased mobility in a secure environment with its Eastern neighbours, including Georgia, as asserted in the Warsaw Declaration of the Eastern Partnership summit in September 2011.

All EU citizens are already exempt from visa requirements when entering Georgia. The visa liberalisation dialogue which is starting towill allow the EU and the Georgian authorities to examine all the technical preconditions for the establishment of a visa-free regime for Georgian citizens. The visa liberalisation dialogue addresses areas directly related to document security, border management, migration, mobility and asylum, as well as other issues such as the fight against corruption and organised crime, protection of human rights, minorities, and anti-discrimination, which are highly relevant to ensure that mobility takes place in a secure and well-managed environment.

The main instrument to conduct the visa liberalisation dialogue will be the Visa Liberalisation Action Plan (VLAP). The Action Plan will be presented to the Georgian authorities later this year, following discussions in the Council.