Eurobarometer Survey - Cultural access and participation

Eurobarometer Survey – Cultural access and participation

According to the new Eurobarometer survey on cultural access and participation, fewer Europeans are engaging in cultural activities, as performers or spectators. Only 38% actively took part in a cultural activity, such as singing, dancing or photography, in the past year. In terms of ‘passive’ participation, the number describing their cultural engagement as high or very high is down to 18%, compared with 21% in 2007. The decline in participation has affected all cultural activities except cinema, with 52% saying they went to the movies in the past year (+1%).

The main reasons cited for not engaging in culture are lack of time (44% give this reason for not reading a book), lack of interest (50% say this is why they have not seen a ballet, dance performance or opera), lack of money (25% give this reason for not attending a concert), and lack of choice (10% on average). Furthermore, the survey shows that over half of Europeans use the internet for cultural purposes, with nearly a third doing so at least once a week.


Nearly 27000 people across the EU were interviewed for the survey.


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