Eurobarometer survey on sport and physical activity


  • Eurobarometer survey on sport and physical activity



  • According to the survey 59% of European Union citizens never or seldom exercise or play sport, while 41% do so at least once a week. Northern Europe is more physically active than the South and East. 70% of respondents in Sweden said they exercise or play sport at least once a week, just ahead of Denmark (68%) and Finland (66%), followed by the Netherlands (58%) and Luxembourg (54%). At the other end of the scale, 78% never do so in Bulgaria, followed by Malta (75%), Portugal (64%), Romania (60%) and Italy (60%).


  • The survey shows that local authorities in particular could do more to encourage citizens to be physically active. While 74% of respondents believe that local sport clubs and other providers provide sufficient opportunities for this, 39% think their local authorities are not doing enough.



  • The Eurobarometer survey was carried out for the European Commission by the TNS Opinion & Social network in the 28 Member States between 23 November and 2 December 2013.


  • Nearly 28 000 respondents from different social and population groups took part in the poll.


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