Eurodesk Malta Partners to Generation 1992 campaign

2012 will mark the 20th anniversary of the European single market. On the 11th of April the DG Markt of the EC has launched a web based campaign called Generation 1992 in order to close the gap with the youth, put them back at the heart of the single market and gain their trust. “Generation 1992” will address the youth born in 1992 from all member States, challenge their opinions and thoughts and then through their creative contributions in an on-line contest address the society as a whole.

We as Eurodesk Malta were invited to become partners of the campaign and disseminate it among young people in our networks. At this point of the campaign, the engagement of the stakeholders is crucial! Like other organisations such as AIESEC, European Youth Forum, COFACE, EUCIS-LLL, European Youth Parliament and many many others, Eurodesk Malta have decided to join such network and give the young people the chance to express their opinions and influence Europe’s future evolutions!
Let us move on together in the 1992 Generation direction!!!

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