European Commission adopts Communication on regulated professions

European Commission adopts Communication on regulated professions

Today the European Commission adopted a Communication on regulated professions. Regulated professions are professions to which access is conditional upon the possession of specific qualifications or for which the use of a specific title is protected, e.g. pharmacists or architects.

The Communication foresees first a transparency exercise: each Member State will have to report the list of professions it regulates. The Commission will then publish this list in the form of a European map of regulated professions that will clearly display which professions are regulated and for which countries. Member States will be then invited, in a second stage, to conduct over following two years a mutual evaluation of the respective barriers they have in place limiting access to certain professions.


Improving access to regulated professions can facilitate the mobility of qualified professionals in the Single Market and the cross-border provision of professional services.


In order to provide a more complete picture of the barriers affecting the access to and exercise of regulated professions, a report on the findings of the peer review on legal form and shareholding requirements conducted under the [ ]Services Directive was also published today.


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