European Commission Communication “Maximising the Development Impact of Migration”

European Commission Communication “Maximising the Development Impact of Migration”

According to the new Communication “Maximising the Development Impact of Migration” presented yesterday by the European Commission, migration and mobility can contribute to inclusion and economic and social development.

The Communication provides the basis for a common position of the EU and its Member States at the High-level Dialogue on International Migration and Development, organised by the United Nations General Assembly on 3-4 October 2013.

This event will provide a unique opportunity for policy makers and practitioners to reflect on how to work towards a global agenda for effective, inclusive and rights-based migration governance and identify measures to promote the role of migrants as agents of innovation and development.


To promote migration and mobility as a driver for development of both low and middle-income countries of origin and destination, the Commission calls on all relevant actors to capitalise on opportunities and to tackle the challenges associated with international migration, inter alia:

– Ensure that development strategies recognise migration and mobility as ‘enabling factors’ for development;

– Respect the dignity and uphold the fundamental and human rights of migrants, regardless of the migrants’ legal status;

– Give more consideration to the interlinkages between climate change, environmental degradation and migration;

– Recognise the challenges that increasing urbanisation and migration bring for cities and urban regions;

– Strengthen migration governance through bilateral and regional cooperation, including by engaging with civil society;

– Foster international and regional labour mobility.


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