European Parliament's Budgets Committee votes on EU Budget 2012

After two days of negotiations and voting, on Wednesday, 5 October 2011, the Budgets Committee finalised its position on the EU budget for 2012. In general, MEPs sought to restore the draft budget proposed by the Commission, after cuts by the Council in July.

Key changes proposed include increased spending on Palestine, maritime surveillance in the Mediterranean, managing refugee flows, EU2020 growth strategy-related programmes such as Life Long Learning, funding for vegetable producers and development aid for Asia and South America. Proposed savings include €26 million on Common Foreign and Security Policy. The committee also proposed €5 million extra for youth projects in the EU’s southern and eastern neighbourhood.

In a next step, the Budgets Committee will vote on a draft budget resolution next week, explaining why these figures were adopted. Parliament will then vote its position at the 26 October plenary session. A 21-day conciliation period starts in November. If Parliament and Council can agree, the final budget could be approved by the end of November.

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