The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) is recruiting research fellows for 2012.

The European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) is recruiting research fellows for 2012.
The Gender Equality Research Fellowship provides an opportunity for interested activists working at the grassroots level conducting research on gender equality issues.

The ERRC seeks applications from all European countries but priority will be given to proposals coming from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, the Czech Republic, France, Italy, Macedonia, Moldova, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Russia, Serbia, Turkey and Ukraine.

The Fellowship is expected to start in July 2012 and will last for approximately six months. Fellows will spend a period between one and two weeks in Budapest, (Hungary) for orientation and preparation of the research project.

During this time, fellows will:
– work closely with ERRC staff members on research planning and methodology design, campaign development, media and communications, basic financial orientation and human rights training, as relevant;
– come back to their research location to implement their research plan with the ongoing assistance of the ERRC;
– work closely with ERRC staff members throughout their research.
Fellows are also expected to spend up to two weeks at the ERRC office in Budapest at the end of the six-month fellowship to finalise their research report.
Fellows will be selected on the basis of their research proposal that should target an issue related to gender equality in Romani communities including:
– LGBT issues within Romani communities;
– Gender based violence as a women’s rights violation;
– Gender roles and their consequences in Romani communities;
– Human trafficking and overrepresentation of Romani women as victims of this practice; and
– Access to education and health care from a gender perspective.
Research projects should be action-oriented, i.e. they should aim to inform or benefit the Romani community in some way (advocacy, direct action, litigation, raising awareness, etc.).

Profile of the applicants:
Applications from Romani, Sinti and Traveller individuals interested in gender issues and Roma rights are welcomed.

Eligible applicants should have experience in living and working in Romani communities and should have a minimum of one year’s experience in the location in which the research has to take place. Applicants should also have working knowledge of English and must be fluent in the language of the target group for the research. Knowledge of Romani language preferred.

Applicantions should be sent to Mrs Dora Eke at:

Deadline: 21st June 2011

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