European Youth Foundation - Grants for international youth activities

The European Youth Foundation has announced the priorities for EYF-funded pilot projects in 2012 for Category D and D-HRE.

Category D priorities for 2012:
When assessing applications for pilot projects taking place in 2012, the EYF will pay special attention to those dealing with the following issues:
1) specific situations of young refugees, asylum seekers and internally displaced people – namely those involving unaccompanied minors and young people in transition from child to adulthood;
2) situations of exclusion and discrimination of Roma young people inside and outside the Roma communities;
3) non-violent conflict transformation and peace-building with young people, including projects in the framework of the Youth Peace Ambassadors programme developed by the Council of Europe;
4) young people defending human rights on-line, namely Internet-based projects against hate speech;
5) improving the access to social rights for young people from disadvantaged neighbourhoods;
6) awareness raising on the consequences of the current financial and debt crisis on the lives of young people, enabling them to participate in the public debate;
7) capacity building of youth NGOs in Belarus, with special emphasis on the regions of Belarus.

Category D-HRE priorities for 2011
When assessing applications for pilot projects on Human Rights Education taking place in 2012, the EYF will pay special attention to those focusing on advocacy for human rights education, in particular through the role of non-formal learning, youth work and youth organisations and using the Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education.

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