EVS: mentored mentors are mentoring better

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Training course:

EVS: mentored mentors are mentoring better

31 of August – 7 of September 2013

Agros- Cyprus


Hello dear friends,

We are looking for participants to an approved training course in Cyprus about mentors of EVS. The project will be organized between31 of August until 7 of September 2013


Title of the training – EVS: mentored mentors are mentoring better
Aim/objectives – The aim of the training course is to develop the necessary competences of the human support mechanism of EVS volunteers in order to increase the effectiveness of EVS projects for all stakeholders involved.
The specific objectives of the training are as follows:

– To practice tools and skills for the success of EVS in terms of psychological and human support to the EVS volunteers

– To explore and develop awareness of culture, based on the individual perspective

– To identify creative ways to deal with challenging situations

– To understand EVS through the volunteers point of view

– To rebuild the life cycle of EVS accounting for best practices

– To identify space for improvement and design of appropriate planning to follow

– To create a safe, sharing and creative environment on which standardized practices will be exceeded


Days of training – 6 days (+2 for arrival and departure)
Number of participants – 30
Target group – People working with EVS, preferably mentors but also coordinators and task related supervisors with at least one year experience
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The methodology of the training will be created based on the fundamentals of non formal learning. Different techniques and tools will be used in order to create a safe, creative and learning environment on which participants will explore their own selves as people supporting EVS volunteers, and from there we will work on improving skills, knowledge and attitudes that are relevant, such as facing challenges, coaching, dealing with intercultural contexts, understanding learning.

The final programme will be developed after taking into consideration the profile of the participants, still, we are looking for experienced participants so we can take things further and explore our subject themes in more depth without losing time on basics.

The result will be EVS support people that are increasing their awareness on the importance of their roles and a follow up plan to evaluate long term effect of our training.


All participants are required to be able to work in English. Participants should have at least some basic knowledge and experience in Youth in Action Program.

Partners should make sure that the participants fit the profile and also to undertake a supportive role before during and after the training course.

Organizers will provide for food and lodging for the participants. 70% of the international travel expenses incurred will be reimbursed after submission of necessary documents (original travel tickets, invoices, boarding passes etc.), in accordance to Youth in Action regulations. Expenses will be calculated and the reimbursement will be paid in Euros, transferred to participants or partners’ bank accounts 20 days after reception of the original travelling documents.

In order for the reimbursement to take place, participants will have to attend at least 75% of the training duration.



Please send an e-mail with your application form till 30th July 2013 to vasilis@cing.ac.cy


If you have any question don’t hesitate to contact with us


Youth Dynamics group – Cyprus