EVS opportunity in Italy

InformaGiovani organizes in partnership with LiberaMente


Workcamp IG 6.1 – Contrada Cannizzaro, Partinico – 19th – 29th January 2015

5 volunteers + 1 coordinator

The small organic farm run by the cooperative LiberaMente is located in the town of Partinico, some 40 km far from Palermo, Northern Sicily.

It is located in a peaceful setting in a green valley amidst olive and lemon trees. In the proximity there one of the most beautiful part of the Sicilian coast, the sea is not far (by car) and there are plenty of beautiful towns and touristic attractions in the area. In the property of the farm there are some horses as well.


Volunteers will be engaged in some seasonal chores such as: picking the lemons and pruning; cleaning and renovation of the green areas; uprooting the old vineyard and its poles; renovation and re-setting of the structures and creative works; creation of fences and maintenance; creation of one chicken house.

Work can be tiring and mainly outdoor. Please bring warm winter clothes. Winter in Sicily is pretty temperate .. but winter anyway.


You will have the opportunity of getting to know more about how to use goods and properties confiscated to the Mafia for social purposes and the situation of Mafia and Anti-mafia in Sicily. The staff of the cooperative LiberaMente will share tips for (social) business management and you will learn by doing many organic farming techniques.

During free time there will be various possibilities for you. You can spend time in the countryside  and some excursions can be organized to nearby places in the provinces of Palermo and Trapani. The camp leader will give the volunteers various possibilities and the group will decide together on how to spend the free time. You will organize an intercultural evening for your fellow volunteers, so think how you’re going to present your country!


The camp language will be English. Some knowledge of Italian is welcome to interact better with the locals. However there will always be the coordinator to help you out. The important thing is to be open and willing to communicate!


The meeting point will be on the 19th of January in the afternoon at the train station of Partinico Further info will be provided at selected participants.


The camp is online on E-vet.

Each organization can send its VEF to workcamps@informa-giovani.org Reply will arrive in 24 hours.

Due to holiday time, applicants who need VISA to enter Italy, are accepted no later than 5th of January and are required to provide together with VEF, also the VISA information sheet to be downloaded fromhttps://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/20365838/Campi/IG_VISA_Request.doc

For further info you can contact us at workcamps@informa-giovani.org