EVS for social inclusion

“EVS for social inclusion” 2 short-term EVS

The Association Icarus is willing to apply at 1st of october deadline for a short-term EVS project to place Italian youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds and host in Italy foreign youth with similar background during summer.

We are therefore looking for one/two organization willing to host or to host/send volunteers in such a project.

We would like to place italian volunteers for two months abroad. One of them will a former young offenders who underwent a rehabilitation path taking part in several international and volunteering activities and is now involved in Icarus projects.

As said, there is also possibility to host 2 short-term evs volunteer in Italy in summer period to take part in local voluntary projects.

Applicant profile:
Icarus was founded in June 2011 by a group of volunteers who all have experience of International mobility on different themes, in the frame of volunteering or education (Leonardo, EVS, Marie Curie, Erasmus, Workcamps, etc). Aims of the association are:
– promoting right to mobility as fundamental human right and as tool for personal development;
– promoting active citizenship, in particular among citizens who are experiencing or at risk of experiencing social marginalization;
– promoting culture and economy of legality and human rights;

– international cooperation as means for sustainable and self-centered development, and for the development of social and human relation who are sustainable and based on solidarity;
– promoting local and international volunteering as tool for social action and to build a more equal and united society, promoting Peace and Justice.

The association has no staff and is fully run by volunteers.

In case you are interested in being host organization or being host/send organization, please contact us as soon as possible.



Icarus volunteers